Embracing a Holistic Approach to Pet Health

There is a growing emphasis on a holistic approach to caring for both ourselves and our animals. However, do we truly understand what this means?

Explaining the term "holistically" boils down to the concept of "wholeness." When we talk about a "holistic approach to health," we assume that the state of the mind, spirit, and body is interconnected. As a result, the care provided should encompass the entire organism and its environment, not just the area affected by illness.

Pet owners seek intriguing solutions that consider various aspects of their companions' well-being, such as nutrition, physical activity, mental state, and emotions. Integrated animal care involves diverse elements that positively impact a pet's overall health and well-being.

+ Nutrition and Gut Microbiome

balanced nutrition is the basis of canine and feline health. High-quality complete diets not only provide essential nutrients, but also support the bacterial balance in the intestines. A balanced gut microbiota plays a crucial role in the overall health of animals.

+ Supplementation

the role of supplements with multifaceted effects is on the rise. Supplements, such as postbiotics, are unique compounds influencing the health of the entire digestive tract of animals. By optimizing the gut microbiota, they enhance not only digestion and nutrient absorption, but also stimulate the immune system and reduce inflammation, contributing holistically to the well-being of the animal.

+ Physical Activity

is crucial for maintaining the health and condition of animals. Daily walks, interactive play, or exercises not only make animals happier, but also help them maintain proper body weight and strengthen the circulatory system, joints, and muscles.

+ Physiotherapy

like humans, animals may need the support of a physiotherapist or rehabilitator. Massages, hydrotherapy, or rehabilitation exercises assist in regaining fitness after injuries and surgeries. Especially older animals or those with health problems will benefit greatly from such care.

+ Behavioral Support

is a vital element of holistic animal care, especially concerning pets mental well-being. Based on a diagnosis, a behaviorist creates a personalized therapeutic plan and helps caregivers understand their pet's behavior and learn how to appropriately respond to the signals sent by the animal.

Cats and dogs are now considered full-fledged family members, continually inspiring their owners to seek innovative methods for ensuring their well-being. By paying attention to the individual needs of their pets, caregivers increasingly choose holistic solutions that effectively improve the health and quality of life of their furry companions.

A comprehensive response to the needs of animals and to the expectations of caregivers is the liquid postbiotic supplement DeliGuard.

This product not only efficiently restores balance and strengthens the gut microbiota, but also enhances the absorption of nutrients and stimulates and improves the functioning of the immune system. As a result, the animal becomes more resistant to infections and inflammations.

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