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DeliGuard dla producent├│w karmy
For feed producers
DeliGuard is a valuable support for the effectiveness and functionality of pet food. It can be added to the feed during its production.
DeliGuard dla weterynarzy
For veterinarians
DeliGuard is a support in the treatment of diarrhea of unknown etiology, as well as digestive or dermatological problems. By stimulating the body's intestinal microbiome, DeliGuard quickly and effectively restores the physiological microflora of the digestive tract and stimulates the excretion of toxins.
DeliGuard dla handlu
For trade
DeliGuard is an innovative product and a response to the search and needs of pet owners. Its quality and effectiveness on the animal's body are confirmed by owners of cats and dogs participating in studies conducted by BioDose.

About Us

Deliguard was developed by BioDose - a Polish company that creates products for animals with passion and full commitment, taking care of their welfare using the latest achievements in biotechnology and trends in nutrition.

Created by BioDose
DeliGuard posiada certyfikaty GMP+ oraz FRA


Bearing in mind the welfare of animals and the highest quality and safety of our products, we cooperate with certified producers and accredited laboratories.

Our products are covered by the international feed safety system GMP+ FSA and GMP+FRA (GMO Controlled).


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  • Technical support - consultations and training
  • Marketing assistance - technical materials and promotional activities.

If you want more additional technical information, please contact one of our experts to phone for further technical details, please contact our experts at: +48 884 301 212.

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Solutions for Business

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