is a postbiotic produced by the beneficial bacteria Bacillus subtilis which facilitates the neutralization of toxins and stimulates the body's natural defence processes. 

Postbiotic - a bioactive product containing inactivated probiotic strains and their metabolites, which, when administered in appropriate amounts, stimulate the intestinal microbiome, have an immunomodulatory effect and promote the health and well-being of the body.

DeliGuard to postbiotyk produkowany przez dobroczynne bakterie Bacillus subtilis, który ułatwia neutralizację toksyn i stymuluje naturalne procesy obronne organizmu.

Do you know How to Differentiate between Pre-, Pro- and Postbiotics?

Ikona Probiotyki



Live cultures of selected bacteria or yeast, which, when administered
in appropriate amounts,
have a beneficial effect on the digestive tract and the entire human or animal body

Ikona Probiotyki



Non-digestible ingredients
like fiber, oligosaccharides,
fructooligosaccharides and inulin
that stimulate the growth or activity of beneficial
microorganisms present in the large intestine.

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Final product

A preparation of inanimate
microorganisms, mainly probiotic bacteria and/or their ingredients (including B vitamins, short-chain fatty acids, enzymes,  lactic acid,
polysaccharides), having a beneficial effect on the health of the human
or animal body.

Try and observe in 10 days

symbol DeliGuard plus
Symbol DeliGuard plus

10 days is the average time for visible changes in the animal's condition to occur, as determined by the results of trials involving 100 domestic dogs and cats.

Zastosuj DeliGuard i zaobserwuj po 10 dniach różnicę
Lepsze pobraniewody i karmy

improved water and food intake

Zdrową i lśniącą sierść

healthy and shiny fur

Poprawę trawienia

improved digestion

Szybka odbudowę ran

accelerated wound rebuilding

Mniejsze nagromadzenie kamienia

lower tartar buildup

Our Trials

Studies conducted by BioDose experts confirm that DeliGuard effectively improves the condition of animals, which is quickly noticeable.

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Solutions for Business

  • Veterinarians

    as a support in the treatment of diarrhea of unknown etiology, as well as digestive or dermatological problems

  • Trade

    as an innovative product and a response to the needs of pet owners.

  • Feed producers

    because it can be added to the feed during its production.