Pet's health you can see

Effective help in digestive and intestinal issues

Pet's health you can see

A must-have for skin inflammation and hair loss

Improves dental hygiene for fresher breath

Strong support during diet changes and medication.

Tired of ineffective

Do you buy and don't see them working?

Your pet's health
has to be seen

Postbiotic supplement for cats and dogs

Zdrowe jelita są kluczem do ogólnego zdrowia Twojego zwierzaka?

Do you know that... 

healthy intestines are the key to your pet's overall health?

Inadequate nutrition and lack of support for intestinal health can result in digestive difficulties, poor appetite and water intake or skin and coat problems.

In many cases, the use of supplements fails because their digestibility is limited by reduced intestinal function. This means we provide supplements that the animal's body cannot use.


is an innovative approach to feeding your pet

It contains products produced by the beneficial bacteria Bacillus subtilis, which, by improving the functioning of the intestines, support the body's natural defense processes and the absorption of nutrients from food.

DeliGuard to innowacyjne podejście do żywienia Twojego pupila.
Badania przeprowadzone przez ekspertów BioDose potwierdzają, że DeliGuard skutecznie poprawia kondycję zwierząt, co jest szybko zauważalne.

Studies conducted by BioDose Experts

confirm that DeliGuard effectively improves the condition of animals, which is quickly noticeable.

Zaobserwuj po 10 dniachSpróbuj i zauważ różnicę

Try Deliguard

for your furry friend

Ikona DeliGuard poprawia trawienie

improved digestion

Ikona lepsze pobieranie wody i karmy

improved water and food intake

ikona zdrowa i lśniąca sierść

healthy and
shiny fur

How to use DeliGuard postbiotic?

Assess your pet's size and find out how many drops to give with water or food.


kot do 5kg

Small (<5 kg)

2 drops per day

kot średni 5-10 kg

Medium (5-10 kg)

5 drops per day

kot duży powyżej 10 kg

Large (>10 kg)

7 drops per day


Pies mały do 10 kg

Small (<10 kg)

3 drops per day

pies średni 10-30 kg

Medium (10-30 kg)

5 drops per day

pies duży powyżej 10 kg

Large (>30 kg)

7 drops per day

What do Experts think of DeliGuard?

..."DeliGuard will be an ideal addition to the diet in conditions of dysbiosis, IBD, SIBO, enetropathies, but also during periods of increased exercise, convalescence, malnutrition conditions. For healthy dogs, it will be an element of dietary enrichment to help digest dry food or improve the condition of the hair coat. I would recommend DeliGuard to anyone."

Anna Budny-Walczak, Ph.D.,
A-Psisko - dogtherapy and diettherapy for dogs and cats

dr inż. Anna Budny-Walczak, A-Psisko - dogoterapia i dietoterapia psów i kotów

Frequently asked Questions about Postbiotics

We don't like unanswered questions, especially when it comes to our pets.

See that DeliGuard works and click to give your pet a gift.
What is the difference between postbiotics and pro- and prebiotics?

Probiotics are live cultures of selected bacteria or yeast, which, when administered in adequate amounts, have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract and the overall health of a human or animal. These cultures require the right conditions for multiplication and growth. Unfortunately, many factors, such as diet, antibiotics, diseases or parasites, can reduce the effectiveness of probiotic growth and production of beneficial substances.

Prebiotics are ingredients that are not digested and stimulate the growth or activity of beneficial intestinal microflora, such as fiber, oligosaccharides, fructooligosaccharides, inulin.

Postbiotics are preparations of non-living microorganisms, mainly probiotic bacteria, and/or their cell fragments and metabolites, beneficially affecting the health of a human or animal. Metabolites are various substances produced by cells, and in the case of probiotic bacteria, they include: peptides, vitamins, short-chain fatty acids, enzymes.

Postbiotic preparations provide ready-made substances that directly support the development of probiotic bacteria and have a preventive effect, maintaining the balance in the intestinal microbiome.

Can DeliGuard be administered instead of antibiotics?

It is crucial to emphasize that any medication prescribed by your pet's veterinarian should be administered strictly as they directed.  Postbiotics cannot replace prescribed medication. However, they can serve as a valuable supplement to support your pet's health and boost its immune system alongside the prescribed treatment.

How does DeliGuard affect the regulation of the digestive tract?

DeliGuard supports the regulation of the pet's digestive tract by promoting a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. It helps to maintain optimal gut microbiome, which is essential for proper digestion, metabolism and nutrient absorption. Additionally, DeliGuard helps modulate the immune system, promoting the overall health and well-being of your pet.

Are there any known side effects?

No adverse effects of postbiotic therapies are known, both during clinical and experimental procedures.

What does it taste like? Will the animal eat it willingly?

DeliGuard has a slightly salty taste. Individual preferences may prevent some pets from drinking water with DeliGuard. In this case, you cand add DeliGuard to dry or wet food.

Can DeliGuard be administered during illness as a form of strengthening for a weakened animal? 

Absolutely! DeliGuard can be administered during illness to support strengthen a weakened animal. As a postbiotic, it offers health benefits by enhancing intestinal integrity, reducing inflammation, and supporting the immune system. DeliGuard can also be used as a preventive measure to maintain your pet's overall health and well-being.

Has the product been tested for allergic reactions?

Postbiotics are generally considered safer for pets with allergies because they do not contain live microorganisms, reducing the risk of adverse reactions often associated with probiotics. They can actually support the immune system and may be beneficial in managing allergic disorders. However, individual responses to any product can vary, so it is crucial to consult your veterinarian before introducing any new supplement or product to your pet's diet, especially if your pet has a known history of allergies or sensitivities.

Solutions for Business

  • Veterinarians

    as a support in the treatment of diarrhea of unknown etiology, as well as digestive or dermatological problems

  • Trade

    as an innovative product and a response to the needs of pet owners.

  • Feed producers

    because it can be added to the feed during its production.

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Welcome to our website - a place that combines innovation and concern for your pet's health. As an experienced manufacturer of pet preparations, we offer a top-quality product tailored to the needs of your dog or cat - the innovative postbiotic DeliGuard. With us, you will ensure a healthy and peaceful life for your pet. Postbiotic - a novelty on the pet supplement market

Postbiotics are metabolites produced by probiotic bacteria that result from the fermentation of food in the gut. Postbiotics are much faster acting than probiotics, and positive effects can be seen as early as 10 days after starting supplementation, and often even earlier.Postbiotic DeliGuard is a liquid feed mix, with a natural composition. This new generation product has been tested with breeding and companion animals and studies confirm its positive effects. Our range responds to the growing demand for products that support the natural intestinal function and digestive process in animals. How does our postbiotic work? First and foremost, postbiotic has a positive effect on the gut and digestive system, supporting the microbiome. This means that your four-legged friend will enjoy better health and well-being.The main aim of postbiotic is to achieve a balance of the gut microbiota and restore it to a state of homeostasis. Maintaining the right balance of gut bacteria is crucial for the overall functioning of the body on various levels. Postbiotic supplementation means improved gut health, which in turn allows for improved digestive processes, i.e. elimination of diarrhoea or constipation, improved water or food intake.Postbiotics play a role in strengthening the immune system, have anti-inflammatory properties, increase nutrient absorption and accelerate tissue regeneration. In addition, they support liver function and the body's detoxification processes. Additional benefits include a healthy and shiny coat, less tartar and an overall improvement in your pet's well-being. Why choose DeliGuard?As makers of pet supplements, we know how important it is to offer the highest quality products. Our Postbiotic is a dog and cat supplement added to water or food based on natural ingredients that support your pet's natural immunity. It is suitable for pets of all ages and is suitable for continuous use.Want to take holistic care of your dog or cat? By choosing DeliGuard postbiotic, you can rest assured that you are betting on the right product for your pet, and we are here to help you every step of the way.