Postbiotics – the Secret Weapon in Caring for Your Cat and Dog's Health

The slogan "A healthy gut is a healthy body"...

...applies not only to humans, but also to animals. The natural gut microbiota of an animal consists of various strains of friendly microorganisms essential for proper digestion, absorption of nutrients, and the functioning of the immune and nervous systems. Maintaining this unique environment in balance protects the organism from pathogen invasion and keeps your pet in excellent condition.

Throughout your pet's life, various situations (e.g., allergies, diet changes, antibiotic therapy, deworming, stress, food poisoning) can directly disrupt the gut microbiome, cause an overgrowth of harmful bacteria, and lead to an undesirable state in the body known as dysbiosis.

This condition is characterized by:

How to restore balance in the body?

In the therapy of dysbiosis, invaluable support comes from probiotics and prebiotics, as well as innovative postbiotics. The latter is a relatively new concept, especially in the context of companion animal nutrition and is already available as functional additives or supplements in some countries.

What makes postbiotics so extraordinary?

Postbiotics are fragments of inactivated beneficial probiotic bacteria walls, such as Bacillus subtilis, and their metabolites, including B vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, or peptides. They are the most stable form of support for the digestive system — concentrated active substances that regenerate and stimulate the gut microbiome directly. Probiotic preparations, on the other hand, must maintain the viability of bacteria in production and storage, requiring suitable conditions and time for bacterial growth in the intestines.

Discover the benefits of using postbiotic preparations:

Introducing the Innovative DeliGuard

Postbiotics represent a new generation of dietary supplements for companion animals. DeliGuard is the liquid postbiotic for dogs and cats whose efficacy has been proven in studies involving 100 representatives of various dog and cat breeds.

Acting holistically and supporting the gut health of our pets, DeliGuard allows observing:

This postbiotic supplement can be used preventively as a valuable addition to the daily diet and support in the therapy of various diseases, especially in the case of gastrointestinal dysbiosis.

DeliGuard is very easy to use - add a few drops of the product in your pet's water or food and enjoy the postbiotic's beneficial effects on your pet's health!

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